Uncomplicate Everything

Create uncompromisingly good onboarding walkthroughs, self-service support guides, and feature adoption guides.


There is a smarter way of onboarding users. Torch has everything you would expect from a product platform and more.


Growth insights

Get real-time analytics on how many times your onboarding walkthrough was played, where users drop out and a whole lot more. 


Smart mapping

Open the browser extension on any website or web app and map each step in your walkthrough using the element picker. 


Real-time reporting

If a mapped element on your website is moved or deleted, Torch will know where to move the step or notify you of when the step is removed. 

led growth

Delivering an uncompromisingly good onboarding experience is the building block of achieving product led growth. Better customer experiences lead to faster and more profitable growth. Torch is your one stop shop for delivering a world class customer experience.


First impressions matter. Create personalized onboarding walkthroughs and increase activation by at least 30% in the first three months. 100% money back guaranteed.

For product

Torch is the easiest product growth platform you will ever use. Signup, create your first walkthrough and publish it on your website in 4.35 minutes. Yes, we timed it!

Reduce support burden

Go beyond pointing your users to support pages when they have questions. Create a tutorial or walkthrough for issues your users are encountering the most and show them real-time how to solve the problem.

Feature spotlight

Shine the spotlight on features that are rarely used or on features that you just launched. Drive adoption and show your users how to best use your newly launched features.